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About Grow Hydroponics

With global solutions available, we’re altering the way we cultivate crops and supply the market.

Update the world on hydroponic farming technology, sustainable and scalable greenhouse produce can be grown in practically any place.

By collaborating with like-minded organisations to grow the healthiest, safest, and most fresh fruits and vegetables possible.

By educating everyone on the importance of consuming healthy foods and being ecologically responsible and environmentally conscious.

hydroponics farming

The Next Steps

The online marketplace and this website are only the beginning. The Center will house online events and training, as well as workspaces for design, workforce development, and business model testing facilities.

We're now fundraising for an indoor farm that will function as a demo of effective production design as well as a training facility. We're also working on developing curriculum to aid in the development of the workforce.

Why Hydroponics Farming?

Hydroponic farming provides for farming in locations with extreme temperatures and water constraint because it does not require arable ground and nutrients are given straight to the plant roots.

Climate Proof Seasonally Agnostic

Climate-Proof & Seasonally-Agnostic

Grow More with Less Land Water and Energy
Just Water and Technology

Grow More with Less Land, Water & Energy

Perpetual Harvests to Meet Year-Round Demand
Stacked high vertical-farming

Perpetual Harvests to Meet Year-Round Demand

Build Supply Chain to Increase Safety Quality

controlled environment allowing year-round growing

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Types of Hydroponic Farms

With global solutions available, we’re altering the way we cultivate crops and supply the market.


In countries with abundant sunlight, greenhouse farms are a cost-efficient way to grow crops on a large scale. Greenhouse farms are particularly suited to grow tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and peppers, along with leafy greens.


By using artificial lights, indoor vertical farms can significantly increase the crop yield per square meter. These farms are by far the most space-efficient way to grow crops at a large scale and can be set up inside warehouses, hangars, malls, and retail spaces.


Hydroponic fodder farms present a highly productive and efficient way to grow animal feed using a fraction of the water and land otherwise used in conventional farming. Green fodder from barley and corn, as well as alfalfa and Rhodes grass grown on hydroponic farms, can be fed to horses, beef and dairy cows, sheep, and other livestock.

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